Just a headsup i’m fiddling around with my blog theme rn so gomen for it being unappealing at the moment 

Not sure where i want to go with this picture
but i do know where i want to go right now

2bed goodmorning

Taking a break from taking a break to draw annie 

yop slowly getting somewhere with this b tw

doodled an old oc of mine + uploading a doodle i did last weeeek

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry it didn't meet its goal, sweetie, but I'm so glad you're so positive too. Next year is right, you go! :D

Yeah it’s alright! No use being sad about it forever haha. Next year for sure!! 

my kickstarter didnt reach its goal, but thats okay. maybe next year c: 

extreemely sketchy picture of what i’m simultaneously working on.

Hey I'm Madison & welcome to my artblog!
Hope you enjoy my art. <3

!!Please do not alter/use/ re-upload my artwork anywhere else, nor claim my work as your own. Thank you!!
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